On Criss Oliva's birthday, april 3rd 2002, we have RE-opened this small online shop. We are offering 3 special collectors items from Europe at a very reasonable price. Shipping is included from Europe to ANYWHERE in the world !! Note : we have set an ordering limit of THREE items per order.
Europeans can pay the same amount in Euro's instead of US dollars.


Savatage Guitar Poster

The original Savatage poster with the STREETS guitar, a creation of Gary Smith.

Savatage Guitar Poster


Size 59 x 85 cm., colors as in picture.
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1 Savatage Guitar Poster $ 30


RockHard Legends Savatage Magazine

This 30-page magazine was a special from the German metal magazine RockHard edited in 1996.
It tells the history of the band Savatage and was written in German. The entire translation can be found HERE on this website. Note: there are lots more pictures in the magazine than are shown on the site.
The magazine is out of print and we only have a limited number of them available. A unique collectors item !

RockHard Legends Savatage


Total of 30 pages

Continuing Savatage story

Short bio for each bandmember

Lots of pictures
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2 RockHard Legends Magazine $ 25


Savatage Logo Car Window Decal

Large transparent car window decal of the Savatage logo in white.
Savatage Car Window Decal Specifications:

Size 72 x 30 cm., color white.
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3 Savatage Logo Car Window Decal $15
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